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Get inbound motivated seller leads in real-time by SMS, email and CRM integration with an off-market guarantee!

We work with real estate investors nationwide providing real time motivated seller leads. See if your market is available by using the button below!

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Receive exclusive in-bound leads in real-time from your selected locations.


Streamline your lead management & follow up with our 4 channel CRM.

Custom Marketing

Want to use your brand? Ask us about Google & Facebook management!


Online Marketing Experts

We have been in the real estate marketing space for 14 years and counting! Our team is ready to put their expertise to work for you and save you years of work in the process.


Each lead is exclusive to you! Also we limit the number of investors that can be in each market. Reach out to us today to see if your market is available.

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Cost Effective Strategies

Leverage higher optimization with our nationwide budget & data.

Pay Per Lead

Motivated Seller Leads for Real Estate Investors

We specialize in online marketing to provide investors high converting leads. The funnels we use have been repeatedly tested and refined over the years to produce the best quality lead at the lowest cost for you.

  • Optimized Funnels

  • Inbound Motivated Leads

  • Targeted Custom Data

Digital Advertising

We specialize in digital advertising for generating motivated seller leads.


Receive SEO leads from our nationwide websites or have us help you with your own.


Use our CRM that comes loaded with follow up sequences and features our team uses.

Data Analysis

We leverage millions in advertising spend to gather the best data in the industry.


We link arms with each of the investors we work with. We have more resources than just leads. Your success is our success!


Promote your brand with a custom campaign. Reach out to our team for a quote today.

Pay Per Lead

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$ Varies by Market

High Converting Leads

Exclusive Real-Time

Personal Account Rep

Leverage Years of Data

No Setup Fee

Not Locked in Contracts



4 Channel Follow Up

Built In Dialer

Website Funnels

Workflow Automations

Easy to Use Dashboard

Contact Tasks, Notes, etc.

Custom Campaign


Google PPC

Google SEO

Facebook Advertising

Instagram Advertising

High Converting Website

Custom Targeting

Ai Apt Setter

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Chat GPT Integration

Leverage Ai to Set Apts.

Automated & Scalable

Human-like Conversations

Qualify Leads

Follow Up/Nurture Leads


How much do your leads cost?

The Liberty Leads pay per lead program costs around $150 - $300 per lead. The range depends on the market and package selected. Custom marketing packages are available as well if you want to use your brand. These packages can include Google PPC, Facebook / Instagram or SEO. Pricing for custom packages start at $1k/mo.

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What services do you offer?

We offer pay per lead services for real estate investors. We also offer managed Google PPC, SEO or Facebook advertising for a customized local brand.

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What is the quality of your leads?

Inbound digital leads are some of the best converting motivated sellers as they are people actively looking to sell with a distressing situation that brings them to search for a cash offer solution. They are reaching out to find an answer to their problem so the follow up call is to see how you can help them which is much easier than a cold call. The feedback we receive is that investors are closing 1/10, 1/8, 1/15, 1/20... there is a range as there are many factors like sales process, follow up process, etc. We do our best to provide quality leads and continually improve our processes to give you the best opportunity to close deals and build a great long term business relationship.

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Do you offer lead refunds?

We have an off market guarantee. So any lead that comes in that is listed on the market we will credit back to your account.
Additional refunds may qualify as well depending on the account type.

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Do you have any long term contracts or setup fees?


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How long does it take to signup and get leads?

It takes about 15 minutes to get your lead routing setup and onboarding completed. Then you will receive leads as soon the next day when a seller reaches out for an offer.

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